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Love It or Leave It: Anne Hathaway’s ‘Les Miserables’ World Premiere Dress

photo of anne hathaway pictures les miserables pic
Well hey Anne Hathaway. Still with the closed-mouth thing? Because I’m totally loving it—and speaking of loving things, my goodness, that dress. This, my darling, is how you should always look.

In case you were caught unawares, this is Anne’s dress for the world premiere of ‘Les Miserables’, and it’s totally a hit. I’m not even going to give you guys the standard “Love It or Leave It” option on this one, because if you don’t love it, and, in fact, want to leave it, then you, my friend, are a soulless, eyeless bastard. And if you’re eyeless, what the hell are you doing on Evil Beet Gossip anyway? The pictures are generally the main reason for being here—you have no eyes. Try to explain that one away, why don’t you?

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  • Yeah, gonna have to leave it…

    It’s a LOT of look. Beading everywhere, buttons down the front, jeweled halter ring, off the shoulder drapey sleeve things… and it looks like she has to keep her hands on her hips tho whole night or else the dress stops making any kind of sense.

    Love her hair though.

  • She looks like the bottom of the mats people put inside the front doors of stores. You know those nubby things so the mat doesn’t slip around? yeah..she looks like that.

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