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There’s Some Drama Going Down Between Bobbi Kristina Brown and Her Brother

photo of bobbi kristina and her ex-fiance pictures
Bunch of weirdos.

Word on the street (no, like, literally—the street, as in the street that Bobbi Kristina wrecked yet another car on, also, like last time, a Camaro) is that Bobbi Kristina and Nick Gordon, her boyfriend-brother-betrothed are no longer together. And Bobbi Kristina wrecked a car. Here’s the photo of the totaled Camaro:

photo of bobbi kristina car accident pictures
If you’re sitting there and thinking to yourself, “Hey, this photo looks a lot like another photo I’ve seen somewhere before,” you’re right. Because this totaled car looks a lot like the one that was totaled back in September. I’m not going to bother showing you that photo, because honestly, it’d be like looking at the picture above, just at night.

Anyway, sources are saying that Bobbi and Nick have officially called it quits, and, after being real, real upset about this new relationship status, Bobbi took it to the highway and ended up going over an embankment with her Camaro. A Good Samaritan phoned in the report when they noticed the car sitting at the bottom of the ditch and Bobbi standing next to it, staring at it like it was going to get up and drive away from the accident or something.

And they’re making a reality show out of this shit? SMH, guys. S. M. H.

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  • Bobbi Kristina is not ugly…..she is a pretty girl…..The poor girl had to deal with alot of bullsh@t in her young life…..leave her the hell alone….I hope someone judges you, just as harshly some day……karma is a bitch!….be careful what you put out there!