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Justin Bieber Threw a Temper Tantrum Outside of Selena Gomez’s House Last Night

photo of justin bieber angry tantrum pictures
Things aren’t looking so hot for Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez, friends, I just thought I’d take the time to warn those of you who are about to collapse with heartbreak over this one.

Sources are saying that Justin and Selena decided to try a dinner date last night, in the midst of their personal relationship crisis, and after a mere five minutes in the restaurant, the date was called off and Selena went huffing back to her mansion in Malibu. Justin followed suit (and followed Selena) back to Selena’s house, and when Selena wouldn’t let him through the gate, he pitched a fit in the driveway for all of the media to see (and, you know, howl at).

Later last night—probably sometime after Justin gave up on howling at Selena’s locked gate—Justin Tweeted this:

things arent always easy. there is alot of pressure. im figuring it all out. im trying. but i care, i notice, i still hear u. #Beliebers.

And today, he’s really just prattling on about how his first album, ‘My World’, is celebrating its 3-year anniversary, because apparently, celebrating the anniversary of things like getting a job, or dropping an album, is comparable to the really important things in life, like not being a big, gigantic douche. I’d be willing to celebrate that anniversary, too, guys.

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    • @Liz:

      When attempting to be a know-it-all grammar-slammer, it’s useful to actually know WTF you’re talking about:

      Comma after maturity, “elude” not “allude”.

      Simple non-Belieber!

      • @Nicki Miraj:

        Is that a slang acronym I see being used as if it were a word?

        Although contextually, the phrase ‘Comma after maturity, “elude” not “allude”.’ is clearly meant to be read as a corrective phrase for the above post, the line break makes it officially a separate sentence. As one who “knows [what they’re talking about]”, you should realize that it is therefore not proper English either to end a sentence with a colon or to treat a pair of hanging phrases without functional verbs as if they constituted a sentence.

        I am not attempting to be a know-it-all grammar-slammer; they were honest mistakes. I simply wish to ensure that such people use proper grammar themselves, a sentiment with which I’m certain you agree.

      • @Everybody who keeps correcting everyone’s grammar on an article of Justin Bieber,

        Get over it. We’re not writing some important essay for a college class, lol.

  • Teenager and young adults tend to be full of drama. Mix in being famous, people sucking up to them all of the time and tons of money, and it is inevitable that it ends up as superdrama.

  • I am telling you that every time you post this picture of Justin Bieber, I feel threatened by the look in his eyes. Much like witnessing a picture of a rabid mouse, I cringe.

  • i don’t get why this is such a big deal. these people are CHILDREN…if they weren’t famous, this would be nothing but a high school crush…who cares?!?!?!?!

  • The only reason Bieber dates Selena is to hide the fact that he’s a raging flaming homosexual. She’s probably angry with him for all of his men’s room escapades…. and probably during his dates with her!

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  • Honestly Justin is a great singer and he represents well for ppl that happen to have some kind of similar image naturally as him…in this world however ppl will always have thier fill and then some of haters…i know i do. Maybe because of this …he should take the lime light for umm a moment….i dunno.
    Obviously…ppl dont understand now days love is pre-emptively squandered to begin with because we all live in a hateful world…$$ money baby oh and greed and jealousy and the resentment it all brings ;) but alas love is worth it if you perceive it…its there and yeh can be nice mm hhmm sincerely: Isaac

  • The cap, the shirt, the pants — what a douche.
    Gomez is a sophisticated adult; douchebag looks like he’s deranged.
    The look in his eyes is absolutely psychotic.

    • “Sophisticated adult”??? She is a typical little disney tramp who wanted to bump up her career by dating this kid. Ya “Sophisticated adult”

  • It’s not what you’re worth, it’s what you can get. A partially talented hack with the right look and marketing can be rich and famous today. It just reflects the buying publics taste…err lack there of.

  • I love you so much Justin Bieber and I’m a fan of who love I hope to see you all at the Babi and I’m from Libya and sublime Alaa and I am 17 years old I want one like you, you metal heart you Jastn

  • parece un muneco de cera debe tener placto con el diablo por eso tu ves eso en su mirada que causa terror

    ya lo veremos luego

  • tiene pacto con el diablo

    sera por eso es que tiene esa extrania mirada que aterroriza

    he worship the devil

  • First time I saw the douche, he was talking about all the GREAT ARTIST being a bit ‘off’ his stupid self included. Somebody was smart to market the little raggedy ass bitch. Let’s all watch in laughter when his arrogance bites him in the butt. He looks like an old lesbian.

  • I can’t even imagine how hard it must be to have a long term relationship when people are literially getting hit by cars to take a damn picture of you.

  • The guy is just a wanabe that thinks he’s better than everybody because he sings some kindergarten songs that little girls love.

    The truth is he’s just like everybody else. He’s still got to squat at least once a day, and leaves behind a pile. Just like everybody else does. Poop is poop, and his just ain’t any prettier or better than anybody else’s. Gosh, I’m going to LMFAO when somebody does finally succeed in ridding the planet of him.

    Was his mother a crack-ho before? Looks like one.

    • And umm actually he doesn’t think he’s better then everyone else unlike you, you stupid pile of poop and no his mum not a crack whore like your mum is

  • Ohh my flipping god leave justin alone I mean he may be famouse but I mean jeez he’s still human and we get mad so of cause he’s gonna get mad and who wouldn’t get mad at paparazzi following you around every where you go and never leaving you alone stop hating on him he is not gay as you idiotic haters say

  • And umm actually he doesn’t think he’s better then everyone else unlike you, you stupid pile of poop and no his mum not a crack whore like your mum is

  • Justin Bieber is not a “gigantic douche” and celerbrating My World is a big deal to Justin and all of his Beliebers. So why dont you stfu and get a life instead of hating on people that are better than you. Like really. Find something better to do with you time. AND Justin did not “throw a temper tantrum” because Selena didnt want to talk to him. Justin clarified that rumor.
    Justin is far from being a “Gigantic Douche”. He is insparation to everyone around the WORLD. But i cant say the same for you. Your insparation to who? No One. So lets stop making up rumors about Justin and every other celerbirty. THEY ARE HUMAN. Honesty how would you feel if people made up rumors about you everyday just because you are living. LIVING. And i would have to say Justin has a lot harder job than you do. So get off the damn computer and get a real job.

  • My name Is vannessa and I’m 12 years old I’m justin bieber crazy number one fan I support him in every thing he does bt idnt like seing him heart broken
    I would like him to work things out with selena and justin must remember thAt selena is the one less lonly girl