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PHOTOS: The 3 Best Dressed at the 2012 MTV EMA Awards

photo of rita ora mtv ema pictures stop encouraging this craziness), but there were outfits, and some of them weren’t all that bad.

Here’s my number one pick, as referenced by the heading picture—Rita Ora:

photo of rita ora pictures emas
Yeah, it’s not the most conventional of things, but I like it and that’s that.

Next, Heidi Klum:

photo of heidi klum at the mtv emas pictures
Note that Heidi also makes the (coming) 5 Worst Dressed List. Because boy oh boy, is it bad.

Up to bat, Taylor Swift. It really pains me to have to commend her on anything, really, but girlfriend can dress:

photo of taylor swift ema pictures
She might write shit songs, but what a sense of being able to have the right manager to pick the right stylists, you know?

All in all on the awards show, guys—massive, massive disappointment.

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  • I hate every single one of these winners, except Whitney Houston. Oh, and I have to admit that Gangnam Style is a guilty pleasure of mine – I put off watching it until just a week ago, even though everyone was talking about it and it’s now a stupid meme, and when I watched it I loved how catchy and funny it was. But I haven’t yet had time to get sick of it, so maybe that’s why I don’t mind it so much…I wouldn’t call it Best Video, though. Just “most random” video!

  • I find it amazing that US stations are now playing Gangnam Style. First time an Asian song has been played here. About time that Asian artists start getting recognized for their music. Even though GS is more of a joke song. Haha. Accomplishes its mission perfectly.

  • Watched it cause I hoped Katy Perry would show up. She didn’t and did not win a single award. This sucks. Well, I turned it off after Gangnam Style (which I actually like and – after 4 (?) month – Germany takes finally notice of this song and it’s played quite often on the radio…I sometimes really wonder how slow we are in catching trends…) cause it was a really boring show and Kim Kardashian being allowed to host is saying a lot about the interest of real celebrities to come to that show.

  • Rita Ora’s dress is beautiful, and Taylor Swift’s stylist is indeed a very good one. Heidi Klum on the other hand, nope nope nope.

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