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Your Daily Gosling. Yawn.

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So we haven’t done a ‘Your Daily Gosling’ in awhile, because while I think he’s still totally hot, he’s become completely boring and off-the-radar, so we haven’t really had much reason to talk about him. Except for now. Ryan did a nice little philanthropic thing over the weekend in heading to the Spooky Skedaddle 5K and Festival at the Texas School for the Deaf in Austin, Texas.

That’s really super nice, and it’s sweet that he generated a lot of publicity for a good thing like a school for the deaf, but he doesn’t really have much else going on. He’s filming a movie *in* Texas, which might give us a clue as to what he was doing near Austin, but the Eva Mendes-pregnancy speculation is still ongoing, and the fact that we haven’t seen really all that much or heard a peep from her is doing nothing to dispel the rumors that she’s carrying a Ryan Gosling fetus in her midsection somewhere. Here’s a recent photo that People caught, and she’s got crazy hair and a baggy zip-front sweatshirt on:

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So. Ryan Gosling. See you in a few months, or something.

I guess.

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  • I guess he’s been in Austin all week? A couple weeks ago I was in Austin for a conference, and I agreed to be on my friend’s trivia team for the weekly Geeks Who Drink event (we placed second). The same time the following week my friend excitedly phoned to say Gosling had come to trivia night! So I’m very extremely curious about what he’s doing in Austin, too.

  • I think her sweatshirt says less about possible BABIES! than her cray hair. I let mine go pretty much right away when I got my BABIES!

  • Gosling has ALWAYS been boring. Okay? I said it. I have never understood the obsession with this perfectly nice looking, good actor. That’s all. Let’s put this to rest and we can finally get on with our lives.