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10Love It or Leave It: Ke$ha’s … Look (?)

photo of ke$ha pictures fashion picture
So I’ve come to the conclusion that though I don’t understand much of what Ke$ha is about aside from glitter, Jack Daniels, oral sex, and that wet-penny smell, I’m going to just judge her fashion based on regular old Ke$ha standards, which are entirely different from the standards that you and I might use in real life.

That said? This outfit isn’t entirely all that bad. Especially when you compare it to some of Ke$ha’s other lovely fashion choices, such as this:

photo of ke$ha suck it tattoo pictures
Oh wait, no. My bad. Not that. This:

photo of ke$ha terrible outfit pictures
Because do you remember that? I do. And of course, this:

photo of ke$ha pictures fashion pic
On a negative note, did girlfriend do something to her lips? Because they’re looking abnormally … plump, I guess you could say. Because “plump” is polite and not at all as offensive as if I were to say “two pieces of filleted liver with alabaster #2 cover liquid makeup all over them.” Nope, not nearly as rude.

October 30, 2012 at 10:30 am by Sarah
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10 Responses to “Love It or Leave It: Ke$ha’s … Look (?)”

  1. kirstyk says:

    That first paragraph makes very little sense? On a related note neither does Ke££$£$a’$ face…she looks like Leona Lewis.

  2. Nick says:

    She looks hot. I love her.

  3. Rob says:

    If “Octomom’ was blonde I’d swear that was her in the first photo.

    IF they were side by side, they’d be called a ‘team’.

  4. Bus says:

    She’s not hot. Not at all. I think she’s a nice person but definitely not hot. There are 0 *ZERO* curves on her body. It’s legs to armpits and that’s just not hot. She might be a great person, really nice and have the best music…those things are up for discussion but as far as being hot, nope, she’s not hot.

  5. Scout says:

    Normally I call bullshit on some of your young celeb plastic surgery inquiries (minus Lilo) but her lips are totally fatter. Also it makes her look like a blond/pale Naya Rivera (a major improvement).

  6. Hm says:

    Lady Gaga/Chelsea Clinton.

  7. pikki nikki polka pants says:

    yeah, girlfriend definitely got some work done in DA FACE.

  8. none says:

    There’s no curves because the image has been stretched vertically to make her look thinner. She’s actually pretty chunky.

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