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12Caption This: Last Week’s Winner and This Week’s Photo

photo of rihanna new music video pictures stills pic
It’s time for another round of weekly winnings for the Evil Beet Caption This contests! Check it out, and if you’re the winner, I’ll be sending you an email to collect your mailing information in order to send your prize. Sure hope you registered with a valid email address!

We’ll be choosing the winner of the above photo next Tuesday, so tune in to find out who it is!

The winner on last week’s Kardashian photo: Lee
“See what happens when you sit on my new nail tips? Now please try to walk slowly.”

First runner-up: Rob
“Kardash Links Beef Jerky presents Messin’ with Sasquatch.”

Second runner-up: OpenTuned

Congrats to Lee! As for the rest of you, get commenting if you want to win some free crap! (And for the love of God, check your damn email if you want to win the prize! The first runner-up will be notified that they’re getting the prize if you don’t claim it, guys!)

October 23, 2012 at 9:30 am by Sarah
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12 Responses to “Caption This: Last Week’s Winner and This Week’s Photo”

  1. puddin says:

    First peek at stills from the new Carrie movie.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Damn girl! Why did you have to go and ask him who he was texting?

  3. Anonymous says:

    Path of destruction? Check. Rihanna in an aroused state? Nipples are hard, so check.

    The signs point to Chris Brown’s dick having been here recently.

    All that is needed now is for Sarah to start talking about how break dancers are great in bed to make it definitive.

  4. Nevarre says:

    That damn Amanda Bynes just torched up my ride. It’s on now, bitch !

  5. talula jay says:

    Tyra decided that Americas Next Top Model should take it to the next level with war torn chic

  6. Lamb says:

    Go ahead and beat me again, this is a sneak preview of what will happen.

  7. Erica says:

    This time Chris Brown tried to blow up Rihanna but bitch still insists she’s in love and indestructable.

  8. MJRyan says:

    This shows proof that if your trailing behind Rihanna’s fine ass when she farts, you WILL get burned!

  9. Lurker says:

    “This is what I did to Chris Brown’s career. Who’s got next?”

  10. Porn movie title: DICKstruction! Guy: Sorry honey, I thought I’d be alright driving while you gave me a blowjob. Girl: It’s ok. C’mon let’s go. I’m still horny.

  11. gus says:

    This week on “Fringe” other world Rihanna shows Chris payback is a bitch and so is he. Beat me once shame on you beat me twice I’ll blow you up you punk ass bitch

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