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Lindsay Lohan as Lindsay Lohan in ‘The Canyons’

So this is the trailer for Lindsay Lohan‘s movie project, ‘The Canyons‘. And it’s semi-interesting. It’s like a classic throwback, for real. Honestly, I’m just waiting for Scooby and Shaggy to pop out of the frame somewhere, only to yell “Zoinks!”

But guys. Seriously. Guys. Prepare yourself:

photo of lindsay lohan in the canyons trailer pictures crying pic

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  • Her acting…excuse me, her “art” is crap in this clip & it’s only a trailer. With no dialogue. A porn star is better at her “art” and his “art” specialty is below the waist.

  • She looks very old and haggard in this trailer without her sunglasses on her face. I don’t care for the retro artsy fartsy the movie is going for, the original movies way back then stunk up the joint, why bring it back? It will be very hard to watch Lohan in any role from now on and be able to get lost in her character. She will always be Lindsay Lohan and that will ruin any kind of storytelling, her real life shenanigans have ruined the fantasy.

  • nice editing & retro feel – like a wannabe tarantino flick. but she’s still dead in the eyes with a bloated-ass face. NEXT!