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Is Brooke Shields Hitting the Peace Pipe?

photo of brooke shields pictures pot marijuana pictures
Well, well, well. Look what surfaced on dem Internetz today—a photo of who appears to be Brooke Shields, hitting a pipe with H.R., who is a hardcore artist (real name: Paul D. Hudson) who performed with Bad Brains.

Brooke has, naturally, come forward, claiming that the old photo isn’t her, but … I don’t know. KIND OF looks like Brooke Shields to me, you know? I’d guess that the picture is maybe two decades old, which would put Brooke at about twenty-seven, and H.R. at about thirty-six. Sounds right, right? And if there was any question about the pipe-hitter’s identity, here’s some food for thought: this is what Brooke Shields looked like at the age of twenty-seven:

photo of brooke shields in the nineties pictures

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