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WATCH THIS: Paranormal Activity4!

Yes, it’s happening again, can you believe it?

Aagh, I don’t know. More people getting pulled into closets, more people saying, “[Fill in the blank], is that you?”, and it’s really all the same as the other films in the series, just with the implementation of the COOL NEW KINECT TRACKING DOTS or whatever the f-ck trendy-ass thing it is they’re talking about. Seriously, it’s really all the same. It’s, like, The Omen filmed (poorly) in first-person. It’s like … well, it’s like they decided that Paranormal Activity installments 1, 2, and 3 were good enough to warrant a fourth, and then they decided to market it under the guise of “This is what it all comes down to!” as if they’re not going to do a Paranormal Activity 5 if this thing does well in theaters.

Quite the fail-safe, if you ask me.

How’s this thing look to you?

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  • Well, Paranormal Activity 3 was the best of the bunch, in my opinion, and this trailer does not affect me the way the trailer for 3 (and the first one) did. So, if trailers are any indication, this one is not going to be as good.