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It’s Lindsay’s First Liz & Dick Promo!

Yesterday, Sarah showed you that lovely movie poster for Lindsay‘s critically acclaimed* Lifetime movie, Liz & Dick. It was truly something, and now we have … something else. Please watch it now.

Ok, now please watch it again.

RIGHT? This is the first time that we’re seeing Lindsay as Liz in live action, and it was totally worth the wait. Everything about this is so right in all the wrong ways (wrong in all the right ways?). There’s Lindsay looking nothing like Elizabeth Taylor, and Lindsay’s bad acting. I’m no expert, but like, I have a bachelor’s degree in acting and I’ve spent countless hours watching Lifetime movies and eating ice cream, so I’m sort of an expert. And this is bad, friends. This is really bad. She only said about three lines, but it’s fairly obvious that this movie is going to be the burning hot lava mess we all knew it would be.

Two months, friends. We just have to wait two more months, and then we’ll be given the gift of a lifetime (ha!). Who’s pumped?

*Not true.

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