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Now That ‘Twilight’ is Done, I Guess It’s Appropriate to Bring This Out …

You know, the next ‘Twilight’, or ‘Twilight’-wannabe, and it’s called ‘Beautiful Creatures’, a film based on a book by the same name. From IMDB:

A supernatural drama centered on a local teenager and the mysterious new girl in town who uncover dark secrets about their respective families.

So, it’s like ‘Twilight’ meets ‘Harry Potter’ meets ‘The Craft’ meet ‘The Princess and the Frog’. In short? …


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  • I wasn’t even interested enough in the book to finish it and I never just stop reading a book.

    Mortal Instruments might get popular. The author just doesn’t know when to quit. “Hey, I’ll write a trilogy with a nice, summed up, maybe a tad ambiguous ending.” Just kidding, here are several more books that don’t make much sense. Boy, do I love money.

    • i didnt finish it either, they’re so badly written and just terrible character development but it will sell im sure of that.
      i think its the next twilight because it apears that this teen generation really likes shitty movies and shitty books , you know like twilight

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