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Scarlett Johansson and Jared Leto Are Boning Again

photo of Scarlett Johansson Jared Leto photos
And all over politics, too!

Sources are saying, however, that Scarlett is still girlfriend to her boyfriend, the dude she was partying with on a yacht earlier in the summer, but that didn’t stop Jared from holding Scarlett’s hand with a very vacant, not-so-impressed look on his face.

No, this is Scarlett, hanging with Jared Leto, her once-boyfriend and now … well, now apparent “close friend” that she holds hands with and hangs on at the Democratic National Convention.

What do you guys think about Scarlett and Jared‘s redux?

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  • The very fact that they were present at, watched, or even remotely supported the delusion-fest that was the DNC convention is a worse offense than mere hand-holding. Still, she’s a hoe-bag, no doubt.

  • Questions. All I have are questions.

    1. How is this ok? She has a partner & she’s holding hands with stare-scare over here? No. I hold hands with my niece, not my ex-boyfriends as I lean seductively against them.

    2. What’s with the creepster glare? Are you contemplating how you got roped into holding hands with this she-devil or what is the best burrito you’ve ever had or what? Explain what is wrong with your face!

    3. Why is she trying to be all up in politics’ business? Ugh. Go put on a catsuit and jump off a cliff.

    I apparently hate ScarJo as of now.

    • (Not that celebs shouldn’t be politically active, but I get the feeling she’s only doing it to appear smarter/more interesting than she really is.)