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Elisha Cuthbert is Engaged!

photo of elisha cuthbert pictures photos engaged pic
Oh man. This girl. This girl is so hot, seriously. She’s like a Michelle Williams vixen. No! Wait! Dawson’s Creek reference—she’s just like Jen Lindley. Only a smidge HOTTER.

And contrary to popular belief (OK, well, my belief) that Elisha’s currently engaged to Ted Danson circa Cheers. What’s that? Don’t believe me? Or, worse, don’t know who Ted Danson or—dare I say it—Cheers is? Here:

photo of ted danson pictures
No, Elisha’s brand-new fiance is named Dion Phaneuf, he’s a Canadian hockey player, and he’s pretty cute.

Girlfriend’s long, long ways away from the hooking-up-with-Paris Hilton days, thank God.


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