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Scarlett Johansson Did an Interview With a Magazine Called Easy Living

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Because believe me, the irony is not lost upon me. Come on. ‘Easy living’? Of course Scarlett’s doing some ‘easy living’. And it’s IRONIC. It’d be like Kim Kardashian doing an interview with a magazine called ‘Fame Whore’, ‘Hustler’, and/or ‘Fake Bitches and Their Fake-Ass Families’. But hey—who am I to rag on someone for having good looks, mediocre acting skills, and a generally-good grip on living the good life? Ha!

Here’s pretty little Scarlett talking to the UK’s Easy Living about how much she loves New York City, and how she’s a New Yorker through and through:

“I love New York. It’s beautiful and challenging. So inspiring. I could stay out all night, until the sun comes up. I was born and raised here. It’s home.”

On being a self-proclaimed old soul or something:

“I feel like I’ve lived a long time already. I’ve always been around older people. As a kid on set, I was always the youngest.”

On marriage and divorce (both of which she’s experienced at the ripe old age of twenty-seven years old):

“Falling in love and getting married… It’s nice to know you’re capable of loving somebody in that way. I always think I can figure everything out. Realizing that – if you are with the right person, they can help you out – can be hard. Relationships are complicated.”

On—predictably—complaining about her fame:

“I don’t like to complain about it, but it was a strange transition to go from being an honest been recognizable. People are either really lovely your chair of the rude. It’s quite shocking when people are following you, bothering you in the bathroom, in the middle of a meal. It’s like the aero of decency is gone.”

On not being hot and being sick and tired of being pegged as the hot actress (is this f-cking shit ever going to end? No?):

“It’s easy to label an actor who’s played sexually charged characters as a sex-symbol. It’s wonderful for people to think you’re attractive but it’s not something that defines me. Maybe that sounds… This is probably an annoying thing to say. But I’s like to think that I have more interesting defining qualities as an actor.”

OK, is anyone with me when I say, “Oh my God shut up already?”

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  • holy shit i can’t believe they got so much of this wrong, and no one noticed before it was printed.
    How about:
    You get your share of the rude
    The era of decency
    “I’s” lol

    is that what everyone else got?

    • It was potentially written with transcription software for whatever reason? It seems that way, like the chair/share and aero/era swaps. Why a writer for a magazine would use lousy software to write their cover article and tell the editor “stand back, I’ve got this” is beyond me…

  • I actually like Scarlett Johansson, and I loved her response to that dumbass interviewer that asked if she wore panties under her Black Widow suit. Maybe she’d stop talking about being labeled a sex symbol if people would stop asking her about being labeled a sex symbol. If she said something like “no comment” people would still complain.

    • What KS said. I think she talks about it because she is so overly sexualised. Have you heard some of the questions she’s asked while she’s promoting films? They’re shockingly sexist and objectifying, like the underwear one. I like her because she openly talks about how she hates the whole situation.

      • Well she COULD just put her tits away for a bit and pick roles that don’t put her in a sexual spotlight and people might stop asking her about that kind of thing.

  • First of all, these photos aren’t even from easy living. They’re from her Vogue shoot back in May. Second off, this entire interview isn’t even from Easy Living. IT’S FROM VOGUE. Third, this post can go fuck itself, because Scarlett Johansson is a damn good actress. She doesn’t ALWAYS pick roles that require her to be topless and sexy. In case you haven’t done any actual reading of any other articles, she does go for more serious roles, but casting directors think she’s too sexy, and she loses a lot of roles for it.

    So yeah, Sarah, YOU can shut up now. You know, you don’t have to pay any attention to her. You can always write an ignorant, average post about someone else.

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