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BREAKING: Johnny Depp Confirms the Split With Vanessa Paradis

photo of johnny depp and vanessa paradis split pictures
From ET:

“Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis have amicably separated. Please respect their privacy and, more importantly, the privacy of their children.”

And that was it. That was IT. No “they split months ago back when everyone and their mother called it,” not “just today and poor, deluded Vanessa was left crying on the couple’s front porch after telling everyone just weeks ago that things were all fine and dandy,” nothing else. We’ve got the old “amicable separation,” and the request to respect privacy—because of the children, you see.

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  • Well, I guess they wanted time to prepare their children (hence the feeble denials). I’m telling you, People Magazine don’t screw around, folks.

  • Well I’m not surprised nothing lasts forever And I’m not one of those people who judge others like Shia labeouf being with hoes that’s his funeral but come on people Johnny depp and vanasa paradis are like ice cream and mustard or cottage cheese with candy bars so I leave you with this question bow good do those food groups go together

  • watch…..he and angelina jolie are hooking up. she pulled out her johnny depp voo doo doll. Now maybe poor brad pitt will be released from his spell.

  • he is one of a kind! ? but I gotta say he does move on him quik! hope this new girl is not using him and him her!