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Jennifer Lawrence is Still Totally Fat

photo of jennifer lawrence pictures fat photos
God, remember all that? How all those crazy-ass people said that Jennifer Lawrence was fat? Because man. If she’s fat, then the majority of the population—myself included—must be six-hundred-pound beasts, no lie.

Yeah, but anyway, here’s the corpulent Jennifer Lawrence, rolling her way out of the gym. Which, you know, I don’t even know why she bothers going to the gym anyway. She’s so far gone that she’d have to work that body out twenty-three hours a day in order to even make a dent in that gigantor jell-o mold that she calls “skin.” Don’t even bother, girl. It’s never going to happen. Better yet? Why don’t you stay home and order in tonight for a change. That way you can wallow in your largeness, Fatty McFat-Pudge-Fatterson.

Good heavens.

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  • I don’t know why but skinny chicks in work out clothing remind me of chicken…like I start seeing legs and wings and yes, breasts and I don’t like chicken so it ends up turning me off. Weird?

  • Love, love LOVE the steps behind her!
    Girlfriend goes to a real gym! No candyass Pilates shit for her!

    • that is so the truth, Marnie. I can’t handle the so called “it-girls” (almost the name makes me vomit) with their yoga and pilates crap. Go Jennifer, you kick ass!

  • You have got to be kidding… I still can’t believe that people are calling her fat and stuff. she is in great shape, and whoever wrote that post must be jealous and no more.

  • Jennifer lawrence is NOT the slightest bit FAT! Shes thinner than a rail! God the horror of it all! You guys are so self centered analyzing other peoples bodies you forget that the model in the magazines and billboards doesnt even look like themselves! There is NOTHING wrong with the world we live in. The world itself is fine. Its just the people that live in it.