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Your Awful Plastic Surgery of the Day: Lil’ Kim

photo of lil kim after plastic surgery pictures
Even the guy in the photo is like, “God, what the f-ck am I even doing here? I could have had a V8.”

These pictures were taken of Lil’ Kim during the LA Gay Pride Festival, which happened this past weekend in West Hollywood, and girl is definitely looking worse for the wear. Can you even believe that she’s only thirty-six years old? I could just die.

In case you’d forgotten, or you’re under the age of twenty-eight, this is what Lil’ Kim used to look like:

photo of lil kim pictures photos plastic surgery pics
And she wasn’t so bad way back when, yeah? How about this one, where she actually looked like a normal person off the street?:

photo of lil kim plastic surgery pictures
Oh, I’m sorry, you thought I was serious? Come on. Kim hasn’t looked like a normal person since that one mugshot. This one:

photo of lil kim pictures
Come on now.

Check out other photos in the gallery from Kim’s performance, and other photos showcasing her very best looks. LOLZ.

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  • The man with the flag looks like he want to smack her with the flag. “Get away you awfull creature!!”

  • Damn, that’s too bad. She was a good looking woman. She just looks like all the rest of the folks who had bad plastic surgery now.

  • I’m always shocked when I see celebrities look like this! I mean with all the money they have wouldn’t they pick the best plastic surgeon there is?? If they are trying to be frugal then there are other ways to be frugal but plastic surgery on your face should not be one of them!!!

  • I have a kind of a game I play with myself (?). I try to pick out the people who have gone to the same plastic surgeon. So far, I have Rose McGowan (man, did she get screwed over or WHAT?), Chyna, Madonna, Burt Reynolds, Mickie Rourke and now Lil Kim. If I was a celebrity, I would ask my surgeon what other people he’s worked on and if it included anyone from the above list, I would bitch-slap the guy and run out of his offfice. I have a lot more on my list, but I can’t think of them all right now. Too bad for Kim, but she’s still a hero of mine no matter what.

  • I have a game I play with myself and it isn’t at all like B1’s! Anyway, I do remember Lil Kim when she looked normal but that was back in the day when, you know, I was tappin’ that ass. She mentioned she wanted to get work done but I thought it meant she wanted to be pounded harder not to go in a room then comin back out lookin like Nicki Minaj!!!

  • Really? You guys are glorifying the kardashians and picking on little kim??i have lost my respect evil beet….very disappointed

  • Gee I never usually say anything about anyone. Oh My God Please give me the Name of her plastic surgeon I will make sure I don’t use him or her. As Far as Lil Kim goes she feels she beautiful than she got what she deserved. But Evertime she Glimpes in the Mirror I just wonder if she wishes she hadn’t gone as far as she did. Yes She is someone now that would scare the hell out of anyone if they ran into her in a Dark Room or a Alley! Real BOW WOW just needs to file her teeth and put her in a Cage and Noone would know the difference…..SO SAD how far some celebs will go and pay for beauty that’s ends up making them a horror show Moster instead.

  • I have always been mildly opposed to plastic surgery and tattoos. I wonder what folks who indulge themselves will say when they stand before God on judgement day and He asks. “You do know you were made in My image don’t you? Wasn’t that good enough for you?” What is a good answer for that question?

    • Since we’re going biblical with this: Cutting your hair above your ear is also listed as a sin in the Bible. So, unless your hair is, and always has been, long, when YOU stand before God what will be your answer for cutting your hair? What’s a good answer for that? And why is that okay, but other people get shunned for their sins?

      “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.” Right?

  • She has NEVER looked good. She just looks worse now, if that’s possible. That croch shot makes her look like she has her balls and dick tied up behind her.

  • Someone who sadly got lost in the glamour of Hollywood and lost total control. While I feel sad for her pathetic “Hollywood plastic surgery gone bad” look and the fact that she has lost touch with reality, SHE is the only one responsible for just how horrible she looks. From another perspective, let her partner with Kentucky Fried Chicken because with thighs the size of hers she could feed an entire continent!

  • She looks like she’s sportin a package in that leopard bikini shot, and her breasts don’t look much there either…I think lil Kim is more like lil KEN

  • I left her a looooonng time ago. As beautiful as she WAS, she changed her looks. Something’s wrong on the inside.

  • Man she looks like joan rivers is her moms and a cougar is her pops, WTF yo, she was a bad chick back when biggie was here but now straight garbage!

  • The guy on the bground is like: Gawd, what has I got myself into? What if I smack this scary looking bit*** with this flag before I took to my heels!

  • to bbmp who posted this july 12 2012 are you crazy or what
    ppl like you need to get off line you freak it is ppl like you need
    to get a life leave lil kim alone you starker

  • the guy realized he waz at a gay pride concert an he thought he waz gonna see lil kim instead he saw lil jim lmao

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