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This Is The Best Thing That You Will Ever Watch

It is a video of Neil Patrick Harris on Punk’d. Please take the time how I said that he was ON Punk’d, not that he GOT Punk’d. Because he didn’t. He’s an intelligent, observant, charming person, and he was able to see through this lame prank.

The reason why this video is so incredibly amazing though is because of all the individual awesomeness that comes together in it. There’s Neil Patrick Harris himself, whose greatness doesn’t need to be explained. Then there’s a BEAR! Bears are, without a doubt, my favorite animal. Look at his little face and his big bear belly! And the puns: this IS a bear of a problem, Neil! And the way it all just comes together in one short little video is just magical to me. I’ve watched it about six times, and I’ve already searched for GIFs on Tumblr. This video is that wonderful. I promise.

Did you watch it yet?

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  • Unrelated – some really ugly past comments are showing up on the sidebar of the site today – might be worth filtering…

  • NPH is a good guy, but I don’t really get why everyone loves him so much. He honestly annoys me a little bit… Am I crazy?

  • See? I don’t really get why I love him so much. He’s great and the second half of this really got me laughing out loud. He’s too smart for this, but those “actors” were really bad, too.

  • I like him so much because he doesn’t seem to take himself too seriously. And I don’t think he cares a lot about whether any of us like him or not. Awesome.