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Quotables: Mark-Paul Gosselaar Talks Saved by the Bell

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“It’s not a great show. The writing is kind of hokey… it’s very much a piece of that time.”

Mark-Paul Gosselaar discusses his most popular work of art, Saved by the Bell.

First of all, YOU SHUT YOUR MOUTH, ZACK MORRIS! Saved by the Bell was a not a hokey show, far from it. It was a moving, breathtaking experience that was shared by millions. It was exquisitely written, brilliantly acted, and, to put it simply, life-changing. But Zack did have it right when he said that it wasn’t a “great show.” Because it really wasn’t: it was a phenomenal show.

Second of all, did anyone really expect Zack Morris to get this gorgeous? He was always cute and all, but in a kind of generic blond surfer way. These days though, it’s a little overwhelming how beautiful he is. I watched his episode of Law and Order: SVU yesterday, the one where he’s married to Elizabeth Banks and they’re both porn stars, and I was like “whoa, Zack Morris, you’ve come a long way.” I was sort of mesmerized by his beauty, but I think he made some shady porn connections and got stabbed or something.

In conclusion, I think I’m going to spend the rest of the day working on a Saved by the Bell/Law and Order: SVU fan fiction where a charming, popular kid from California moves to New York City, and in order to survive, he has to make gay porn. I’ll let you know how it goes.

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    • Believe me, I know. I’m starting today! For real, it’s a coincidence you said that, because I actually am starting today.

  • I think he was actually in a movie similar to that concept. Only he had to become a gay prostitute so he and his wife could survive.

    • SHUT UP. I’ve seen like one and a half episodes of Weeds, and it has two of my favorite favorites, Mary Louise Parker and Justin Kirk, but I had no idea he was in it. Thank you so much, I am on it!

      • You will probably like the movie Dead Man On Campus. It has Zack Morris and Willow Rosenberg and that girl who remembers everything from that stupid cop show about remembering everything. :) It’s a really funny movie, anyways. :D