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Quotables: Channing Tatum Thinks Rooney Mara’s Real F-cking Weird

photo of channing tatum and rooney mara pictures

“Rooney can get this glazed over like look in her eyes that you’re like, ‘Oh, God! I hope I never see that coming my way.’ She’s the most mousy and terrifying person I’ve ever met. She’s such a little introvert. She’s also the sweetest little thing you’ve ever met.”

This is … ahem, Channing, talking about his co-star in the upcoming drama, ‘The Bitter Pill‘. Rooney plays a housewife that’s addicted to prescription medications, and has a husband (Channing) who’s about to be released from prison. Stressful times, folks. Stressful times.

With regard to Channing’s comments on Rooney, I think it’s safe to say that he’s probably in some big trouble after all this. I mean, Rooney Mara’s a movie star destroyer. Can you imagine what she’d do to the lowly Channing if she knew that he’d been talking some rambling, babbling, frightened shit about her because he was caught up in the moment and thought his remarks would be kept private? I shudder to consider it all.

This is what I want to know, though—is she mousy or is she terrifying? Is she sweet or is she scary? I’m just not quite sure where Channing’s trying to go with this, but there is one thing I’m sure about—Channing Tatum is one of the stupidest f-cking names I’ve ever heard in life. It positively screams, “CONTRIVED STAGE NAME! INSTANT MOVIE STAR—JUST ADD MUSCLES AND MUMBLING!” Seriously, can we forget about Rooney Mara for a hot second and just focus on that for a little while?

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