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This is the Duet that Whitney Houston and Jordin Sparks Did for ‘Sparkle’

Oh now, this is sad. What’s sad? That Whitney’s dead? Well, yes, that’s pretty sad, but it’s not all that unexpected, come on. Not with a decades-long battle with drug abuse. You know what’s really sad? That this song has even been released, and for a few reasons. One? It’s crap. It’s seriously pure crap, and if Whitney hadn’t passed, I highly doubt this movie would even make the cut for the ‘Sparkle soundtrack. It’s that bad. Second? Poor Whitney couldn’t even sing anymore. You can just hear how heavy-handed the digital technicians were on this song—but just with Whitney‘s part. It sounds like her voice was dubbed in and added at a later date. I’m not going to even use the word “autotune” here, because “autotune” would give the impression that a flawless performance was at hand, and there’s nothing even close to that at hand here.

Me, I say let sleeping dogs lie, and allow Whitney’s fans to remember her the way she used to be—how she was during her prime—and not mess around with this sad-ass business of hearing and seeing what it’s like to watch a music great unravel before your very eyes. Damn.