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Love It or Leave It: Jason Segel is All Wrong

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Our boy Jason was photographed today in New York City, where he was visiting for a spot on the Today show, and presumably to see girlfriend Michelle Williams, since I’m pretty sure she’s still living there, at least part-time. He also filmed an interview last night with David Letterman, which means he’s actually hoofing his way around the city in which Michelle actually resides. And this is what he looked like. You know, in public, on his way to the Today show. The part that made it even worse? His interview was an outdoor interview, so there was no amount of exorbitant lighting available to soften his look.

This picture?

photo of jason segel new york city thumbs up pic
No, Jason. Thumbs are not up. This is not good. This is actually a really pitiful situation. See, you’re awesome, generally. HIMYM is fabulous, you’re one of Hollywood’s go-to guys for roles to be filled absent pretension, and you’re publicly making out with Michelle Williams, who is fabulous for another entire bucketful of different reasons. But your hairstyle looks like it was borrowed from that creep, Jesse James—and OILED—your goatee looks like post-Cesarean section pubes, your pants are sagged, ffs, and there’s greasy fingerprints on your crappy sunglasses.

Many, many things you should be proud of, but this look, boyfriend is not one of them. BARF.

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