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Quotables: Jennifer Aniston Totally Doesn’t Care That Brad Pitt’s Marrying That Woman

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“She doesn’t care. She really doesn’t. She’s happy with Justin [Theroux]. She’ll probably marry him. She’s moved on. People don’t want to believe it, but she has.”

The wise, sage words above came directly from one of Jen’s “close friends” who leaked the unofficial statement that Jennifer probably paid him or her to make to the media. And while I’d like to think that Jennifer doesn’t care, as some of her friends say, she does care, and she probably cares a whole lot. Hollywood Life tells a different story—one where Jennifer Aniston actually does care, and wishes the newly-engaged couple well:

“Jennifer is happy for Brad and Angelina. She is so in love with Justin, that she is really grateful how things turned out. In a strange way if it weren’t for Angelina, Jennifer would not have connected with Justin in a romantic way. Jennifer is in a really wonderful place right now. I wouldn’t be surprised if she even went to their wedding.”

But wait … And if things go south for Jennifer and Justin, she’ll, what, blame Angelina for that, too? Because what if things don’t end well? What if she doesn’t end up marrying him? She allegedly credits Angelina for her today-happiness, but if that’s only fleeting, then what? Maybe “friends” should stop making silly statements that could come back and bite the people who are involved on the ass in the long run if things don’t operate as they “should.”

Here’s my point—new information says that the Brad Pitt-Angelina Jolie announcement couldn’t have come at a worse time, as Jen and Justin are said to be taking a break, one that Justin himself initiated:

Jennifer Aniston’s boyfriend has reportedly suggested he needs “some space” amid claims their relationship is on the rocks.

Jennifer and Justin Theroux are said to be on a break as they have been bickering. The tensions allegedly came to a head over the Easter weekend with one report suggesting an argument between the pair reduced Jennifer to “floods of tears”. Now more speculation has surfaced, claiming Justin has asked for time apart.

“Justin suggested he needed some space, which escalated into an almighty row, and by the end of it he said he wanted a break and told Jen he had been looking into buying a place of his own in Los Angeles,” a friend told the UK edition of Grazia magazine.

So, which is it? Is she happy? Sad? Apathetic? Apathetic without the ‘a’? I don’t know anymore, guys. It’s Jennifer Aniston. She always keeps us on our toes.

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  • Brad looks like he changes tires down at the bait shop and garage on the edge of the swamp.

  • I feel bad for Jennifer. She, like me, has had a string of bad relationships. At least I”m not a celebrity. I can move on from them. No one seems to be able to give Jennifer a break here and let HER move on from Brad.

    All that being said – I’m sure she doesn’t care much. Not more than the usual, vague “why can’t it be me this time?” feeling that I know I get when I see people get married around me. So what, it’s her ex. It’s her ex from a long time ago.

  • So true, nobody cares. I couldn’t care about ANY of them! Angelina and her brood, OLD ASS BEAT DOWN BRAD, her stupid LEG (WTF!), her duck face and Jen Friends is OVER. Your ALL OLD, time to grow up and move on. We got Lindsay and thats enough laughs and gossip!