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Love It or Leave It: Lana Del Rey Goes Dark

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After an Axl Rose bandmate came forward and said that Axl and Lana are absolutely not dating, this is what Lana chooses to wear to an intimate concert she performed for 300 people earlier this week in London. DJ Ashba had this to say to TMZ when asked if Axl and Lana were dating:

“I think it’s cool. I dunno. I wasn’t in town. I heard he was at the Rainbow, though, the other night. [But] I don’t think they’re dating. Axl’s just a really cool dude who likes hanging out with really cool people. I think they were probably just buddy-buddy hanging out.”

Yeah, that’s about as convincing as Lana’s lips being “real.” But the hair! – the hair’s pretty good, right? I like it way better than her formerly light-brown locks. The dark just sets her face off so well. Generally, I don’t have much to say in the way of ‘good’ about Lana Del Rey, because she’s just not all that relevant to me, but the hair’s an OK thing. It’s a start. And we can talk about Lana for as long as she likes, just so long as she doesn’t want to open her mouth and do her own talking – or worse, singing – you know?

How do you guys feel about Lana’s hair – do you prefer the light or the dark?