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Guess the Celebrity Mom!

photo of zooey deschanel mother mom pictures photos
If you don’t guess who this sweet mother belongs to, you’re blind. Or, I don’t know, you’re not good at genetics and guessing who people are from shared physical traits. I suppose it could be that, too.

Here’s a few hints to send you on your way:

-Girlfriend’s daughter is reportedly pretty good with managing her money

-Girlfriend’s daughter is somewhat of a style icon in her own unique sort of way

– One of our former writers is BFFs with this special lady’s special daughter

Jump in to find out who this lady birthed!

photo of zooey deschanel pictures kissy face photos looks like her mom pic
Duh. Wasn’t it obvious? Yeah, Zooey‘s got better makeup in comparison to her mom, but when was her mom’s photo taken? 1955? 1960? Ladies back then weren’t exactly known for mad makeup skills, you know. But pretty! You bet. It’s easy to see where girlfriend gets her cute look.

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