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Wait a Damn Minute: Is Rihanna Hooking Up With Ashton Kutcher?

photo of rihanna and ashton kutcher hooking up pics
So, there’s a part of me that really, really wants to be OK with this, because anything’s better than Chris f-cking Brown. But the other, more rational, more operational part says “not a damn way,” because it’s Ashton Kutcher. And Rihanna. Who, combined, are two of Hollywood’s biggest current tools going. Ashton a few years ago? Definitely alright. Ashton today? F-cking pathetic.

From TMZ:

Rihanna — and her security team — stopped by Ashton Kutcher‘s swanky L.A. house for a little late night visit Wednesday. According to the photographer, the “Birthday Cake” singer got to Ashton’s home right around midnight … and didn’t leave ’til roughly 4 AM.

As we previously reported, Justin Bieber recently checked out Ashton’s $10 million bachelor pad on his high-end real estate hunt … but we’re guessin’ Rihanna wasn’t there for an open house. So far, no comment from Rihanna’s rep.

What can this late night tryst imply? Are Ashton and Rihanna just starting out as casual lovers or is this just the tip of the iceberg – how long have these two been hooking up?

Can someone maybe explain this to me? Am I missing something? Rihanna? And Ashton Kutcher? Please, God, no.