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Jessica Simpson is Due Any Day Now!

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I know that y’all are kind of split between thinking that Jess looks like a walking case of gestational diabetes and some kind of pre-natal goddess, but the only thing that I really want to talk about today is the fact that girlfriend is wearing flip flops. Not platform heels, not gladiator sandals, not stilettos – flip flops. You know what that means, right? It means she’s probably in labor as we speak. Yes, flip flops during pregnancy speak volumes. For example, people are already talking about her “push present.” It’s big. From Hollywood Life:

The 31-year-old’s fiance Eric Johnson plans to surprise her with jewelry worth $30,000 as a push present, according to OK! magazine. “He made a big deal about how ridiculous he thought the idea of push presents was, so she has no idea that she’s getting anything at all,” a source reveals.

But Eric isn’t getting just any jewelry — the thoughtful ex-NFL player is ordering from Jessica’s favorite jeweler on the Italian island of Capri, where the couple spent a romantic vacation.

“He loves to surprise her, which is why he’s pretending he hasn’t got anything, but he’s actually planning to totally spoil her,” the source says. “He didn’t just get her one thing — he really went crazy!”

The 32-year-old was so excited about his baby-to-be that he splurged on several platinum bracelets, a matching necklace with a huge amethyst and a band that will be engraved with the baby’s birth date.

“He got in touch with the store in Capri because he knew that would be really meaningful to Jess,” the insider adds. “They shopped there on her 30th birthday, which is when they first talked about spending the rest of their lives together.”

But the secret might not last for long… “He’s so excited he’s been telling practically everyone!” the source says.

Oh, and for the record, knowing absolutely nothing about her health situation – I think she looks pretty damned great, to be quite honest. Picking great fashion, no; not necessarily, but looking awesome? Without question.

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  • Something rubs me the wrong way about the idea of a push present. Isn’t the baby enough of a gift for you and your partner? I mean, I know it’s supposed to be sweet and all, but it seems weird to me to spend a crap ton of money on a woman to, what, *reward* her for doing a good job giving birth?

  • Incidentally, I think Jessica looks gorgeous in this picture. Somehow she doesn’t look as fat as she has before, she just looks perfectly pregnant.

    • I like the way you think, please just let me add my little dose of reality to yours….do you “push” when you get a c-section?”…jus’ sayin…