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Blind Item: Which Actress Threw A Hissy Fit Over Not Winning An Oscar?

Well, this is embarrassing. According to this blind item, one of the ladies who was nominated for an award last night counted her eggs before they hatched, and then when none of her eggs actually hatched, she pulled that classic high school move of skipping off to the bathroom with your BFF to cry it out. What a Debbie Downer, huh?

From Blind Gossip:

It must be difficult sitting there in front of billions of people waiting for your name to be called. It must be even more difficult when it isn’t. This actress did a good job pretending to be happy for the winner of this award last night, but behind the scenes was a different story.

She was seen in a corner of the bathroom being consoled by a friend for her loss. While she was not wailing or screaming in a dramatic fashion, there were definitely some tears and some nose blowing going on. One of them was also saying, “It’s not fair… it’s not fair!” although we honestly don’t know if those words were uttered by the actress or the friend who was helping her. The good news is that she did manage to pull it together enough to attend more than one party during the evening… plus there’s always next year.

Who could it be?

A lot of people are guessing Viola Davis, who was nominated for Best Leading Actress for her role in The Help. Many people thought she was a shoo-in for the award, and many people were upset that she lost to Meryl Streep. Personally, I really, really don’t think it’s Viola. Granted, I don’t know that much about her, but from what I have seen, she seems way too classy and gracious to pull something like this.

Lots of people are also guessing that Rooney Mara could be the actress throwing the fit, and I like that guess much better. She was also nominated for Best Leading Actress, but from what I gathered, pretty much no one thought she would win. However, she does think she’s such a gift to the entertainment industry, and she often has the attitude that she’s too good for all of these horrid films these days, so I really wouldn’t be surprised if she sincerely thought she was going to win. Rooney’s my guess.

Still, other people are swearing it’s Michelle Williams, another Best Leading Actress contender, and other people are saying since the item on Blind Gossip was accompanied by a photo of nominees for Best Supporting Actress, it has to be one of those ladies, but I don’t know. Of course, Octavia Spencer won that award, with the other nominees being Melissa McCarthy, Berenice Bejo, Jessica Chastain, and Janet McTeer. Melissa definitely wouldn’t act like this, but I don’t really know anything else about the other ladies.

So there’s all the information. What do you guys think? No matter who it is, how embarrassing, right?

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