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Whitney’s Corpse Is On The Front Page of The National Enquirer

A photo of Whitney Houston

Do you see that picture of Whitney Houston that I put right up there? That picture where she’s happy and smiling and, you know, alive? I chose that picture because I don’t think it’s appropriate to showcase photos of dead people. I don’t want to see a picture of a dead person when I’m checking out some celebrity gossip, and I assume that you don’t either.

Here is where the National Enquirer and I disagree.

If you run out to the grocery store or wherever you browse trashy tabloids, do you know what you can expect to see? You can expect to see Whitney’s body, lying in her casket at her funeral, right on the front cover. Just right there. While you’re trying to find the gum or checking to see when the world is supposed to end this time or what Bat Boy is up to these days, you’ll probably actually see a corpse instead. Is anyone else disturbed by that?

Besides the creepiness of this (I really can’t stress enough how creepy this is to me), what a dick move, right? Think about it: someone had to actually take this picture at Whitney’s funeral. Then someone had to give the photo to the National Enquirer. Then someone, or, more likely, a number of people, had to decide that the right thing to do would be to put the picture of a dead woman on the front of a magazine. There are too many bad ideas here to count.

And it’s not like someone who actually knew Whitney won’t see this, you know? Poor Kevin Costner might step out to buy some milk and come across that awful image. Hell, even someone who didn’t personally know Whitney might have just had someone close to them die, and seeing this cover might not be the happiest thing for them. Seriously, there are so many things wrong with this.

I realize there’s a time and a place for some people to look at photos of dead people. I know there are some people who even take photos of loved ones at their funeral, and while that’s not something that I would do, some people find that a comforting thing to have, and that’s ok. You know what’s not ok? Taking that picture and putting it on the cover of a magazine. Have I emphasized that enough?

Obviously, I’m not posting the cover photo here, but you can easily find it if you’d like. More importantly though, what do you guys think of all this? Is there some reason I’m missing for why this is an acceptable thing to do?

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  • If you look at the cover it does state underneath the image that it is a “Photo Re-Creation” with at least one other recreation inside. Although not a real image it is still creepy as it means they felt they had to fake the scene in order to what, entertain people?

  • I think tht nuthn wasn’t wrong wit the picture i feel like a lot of people like tht her family shared tht wit her fans. R.I.P WHITNEY

  • The morbid interest seems to be turning tragic .. now grave robbers threat? Why bury someone with tons of wealth? She can’t take it with her.. give the inheritance to her daughter.. for shame.

    ARMED guards are protecting Whitney Houston’s grave from bling-hunting robbers.

    Fears that ghouls will plunder her resting place were triggered after it was revealed she was buried wearing up to £300,000 of jewels and designer clothes.

    The singer, who died a fortnight ago in her LA hotel room after a drugs and booze binge, lies in a gold-lined coffin worth tens of thousands of pounds.

    She is draped in a purple gown and also wears a diamond brooch and earrings and a pair of glittering gold slippers.

    But the treasure-filled casket has caused alarm among the star’s family and friends.

    And now minders have been ordered to watch over her grave-side at Fairview Cemetery in Newark, New Jersey.

    A source said last night: “There is a very genuine fear that her coffin will be targeted by grave robbers.

    “It would be hard for them to actually dig her casket up, but that won’t stop psychotic fans or people who think it could make them money.

    “The fact she was buried with such valuable jewellery is just an invitation to sickos.

    “It’s ironic that Whitney, who was most famous for The Bodyguard movie when she was alive, has to have bodyguards even in death.”

    Armed security men around Whitney’s final resting place have already turned away busloads of fans who have made “pilgrimages” to her grave.

    The ghoul alert is the second trauma that Whitney’s family have faced over the past 48 hours.

    They are still reeling after shocking photos of her body lying in an open coffin were published in the US magazine National Enquirer.