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Watch This: Granny Wants to Dance With Somebody, She Wants to Feel the Heat With Somebody

I’m so not going to lie: I cried through the first minute of this video, because this was my favorite song when I was four. Just ask my mom. She’ll tell you how I used to spin around the room, all ungainly and non-rhythmic, bumping into the walls – much like the granny in this video. Funny thing is that I love this song just as much as I did twenty-five years ago and I’m just as ungainly and non-rhythmic as I was back then, too. It’s good to know that, while some things are constantly changing, some things just … don’t.

You guys better enjoy all two minutes and ten seconds of this, because it’s fabulous, and granny’s heartfelt words about Whitney‘s performances are spot-on.

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