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Love It or Leave It: Zooey Deschanel’s Plaid Mess

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Don’t get me wrong – I love Zooey, and it’s not because some of you think I have to love her, being that I write for her website, Hello Giggles, as well, you’re wrong. I adore Zooey because I think she’s cute and quirky and relatable, and I think there are two groups of people when it comes to loving Zooey – those who do, and those who, well … don’t. I’m among the ones who do, but this dress? Oh dear Lord. Don’t even get me started.

See, I’m a big fan of plaid, despite the fact that everyone in my inner circle of family and friends absolutely abhor it. I like plaid shirts, plaid shorts, plaid skirts … plaid pajama pants, plaid socks, plaid panties … whatever. I love plaid and I’m unashamed to admit it. But this particular plaid? In this particular form? Is bad. Bad, bad, bad. It reminds me of a lightweight spring nightie, and while that’d normally be OK, it’s definitely not something you wear to an awards ceremony. Or at least, I wouldn’t, despite my love of plaid. Girlfriend’s hair and makeup are, as always, on par, but this dress is better left to those who’d wear it to bed instead. You know. Someone like me.

Hook a sister up, Zooey, and send me your cast-offs. I promise not to get egg yolk on it whilst eating breakfast in bed.

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