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Quotables: X-Factor Stacy Francis’s Last Encounter With Whitney Houston

photo of stacy francis and whitney houston pictures fight over ray j photos pics
“Whitney, I love you baby. It’s not like that. Calm down, you’re causing a scene.”

You guys remember the “old” mom from this year’s X-Factor, Stacy Francis, don’t you? Here’s a refresher if you didn’t:

Right. That’s her. Anyway, it turns out that she and Whitney had kind of gotten into it in the days before Whitney’s death, and eyewitnesses say that it actually got physical at one point:

“She [Whitney] ran over to them [Ray J and Stacy Francis] and began screaming, ‘This is my man! I’m a cougar! B*tch, get away from my man,’” a source told us. Ray J tried to calm her down, telling Houston that Francis was a “longtime family friend” but Houston still pointed and screamed.

“The other artists in the area tried to surround them so that people wouldn’t begin coming into the area where they were and taking photos or video,” the source explained.

Francis tried to calm Houston down, too. “Whitney, I love you baby. It’s not like that. Calm down, you’re causing a scene,” she pleaded. Houston then shoved Francis in her forehead and Francis shoved her back.

“The other singers had to jump in and separate them. People were pleading for Whitney to chill out. It was embarrassing,” the source disclosed.

My God. She shoved Whitney Houston. Back. Can you imagine? After Houston was found dead, however, Stacy Francis found a whole bunch of remorse somewhere in the back of her closet and sent a message out on her Twitter, saying how deeply she regretted getting into the altercation with the late singer:

This is a sad time for me. I loved Whitney Houston with all my heart. She was such an amazing musical influence for me.

I deeply regret the events that led to Thursday’s misunderstanding, but I respect and love her more than I can say.

At this painful time, I would like to express my support and most sincere condolences to Whitney’s family in learning of her sudden death. I will always remember her to be a deeply humane person and wish her spirit to rest in peace.

Wow. I’m still stuck on shoving Whitney Houston. Who shoves Whitney Houston? That either takes some serious balls or some serious stupidity or, you know, just some serious trash. I’m not saying that Whitney was blameless in the spat, because I don’t think that just because someone’s dead that they should be canonized and all of their bad behavior in their lives go away, but damn. Is this how things normally go down behind the scenes between the “new” fame and the “old” fame?

The same eyewitnesses claim that the incident happened the same night that Whitney was spotted leaving a club intoxicated, photographed with blood running down her leg. What a mess. It’s no wonder Whitney looked as pissed off as she did that night.

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  • it says stacy francis “shoved her back”. i don’t think she can be called trashy for defending herself. if this is to be believed, she tried to reason with whitney first. whitney, may she rest in peace finally, was a ghetto chick through and through, no matter how much fame and money she had (and lost) over the years. hello? “being bobby brown” for god’s sake?!?

  • Ms Francis, I pray you are not trying to get a lil fame because you “shoved Whitney ” This is nothing to brag about nor is it anything the public needs to know at this time. Write a book , do whatever but please don’t trash her name. She’s dead and deserves to be allowed to R I P How would you feel if this was your family having to deal with the garbage reported by the media because people like you, who want to be noticed and need the attention. Do what you do best SING and shut up about Whitney. Please stop trashing her now, the MEDIA is doing it already, they do not need your INPUT. Remember that you are now in the public eye and the MEDIA is just waiting for you too to fuck up. You did not need to do what you did, no one needed to know, That was between you and Whitney, not the MEDIA! Are you happy now, did you get your few minutes of fame? This was not cute! Do your thing and leave Whitney alone….she’s gone now let her be @ peace…respect her daughter and her family and shut the hell up!!!!!!!!

  • Hell if someone shoves me you can be damn sure I’m going to shove them right back! I don’t care who you are!!