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1You Missed It: Jonah Hill’s Penis

photo of jonah hill pictures
Don’t be too broken up about it, though: I missed it, too. We all did. Hell, I think even he did.

These photos are from the BAFTA awards (which also happened this weekend, in addition to the Grammys and Whitney Houston’s death, and a zillion other things)

You might *think* these photos are NSFW at first glance, but trust me: they’re not. There’s no sign of a penis or a ball in sight, and it’s really kind of disappointing. I know Jonah Hill’s not, you know, Brad Pitt caliber or anything, but hey. A Jonah Hill penis is better than no penis at all, right?

photo of jonah hill pictures photos penis ripped pants wardrobe malfunction pics

What kind of underwear do you think he wears, anyway? I always figured Jonah as a boxers-kind-of dude, but maybe I was wrong. Maybe it’s actually thongs. Or g-strings. Or tighty-whities. Big old tighty-whities that come up over the bellybutton.


February 13, 2012 at 11:30 am by Sarah
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  1. Anonymous says:

    His dick is like 3 inches anyways. It was pretty much confirmed when his brothers ex g/f posted a picture of his dick

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