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Love It or Leave It: Rachel McAdams! No! You’re Wrong!

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I’ve spent a lot of time on this site praising the can’t-do-wrong antics and styles of Rachel McAdams, and outside of this site, I’ve almost made a career out of it. Rachel will appear on a commercial, a film preview, or a movie, and I point out to my husband each and every single time, “She might be the prettiest lady I’ve ever seen.” It’s actually gotten to the point where, if my husband sees her before I do, he’ll do the favor and point it out for me: “She might be the prettiest lady you’ve ever seen, right?” I nod smugly and continue about my business, happy that I’m listened to so heartily.

However, these photos for the red carpet premiere of Rachel’s new movie, The Vow, are absolutely awful. The hair, the pancake makeup, the lipstick applied so thick that you just know there was a big goop of it on her teeth at some point – the matte ceramic doll look completely washes out Rachel’s normally, naturally rosy complexion, and makes her look rather ill. The sparse brown eyeshadow only reinforces the “I’m fighting a terminal illness” vibe, and it’s all no good.

Rachel, girl, I’m always behind you 100% (OK, I’ll be real: 99%), but this whole look is just not nice. It doesn’t mean I’ve lost any love for you, and I definitely still think you’re the prettiest lady I’ve ever seen, but if I was with my husband when I saw these photos, I’d be almost embarrassed for him to know me well enough to say, “I know; she’s might be the prettiest lady you’ve ever seen, right?” Because not only would he think I was blind, he might also be insulted by my taste in attractive people, too. People everywhere’d be offended.

Whoever your makeup stylist was for this premiere, Rach, you need to fire immediately and maybe even get some kind of restraining order.

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