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Your Daily Swinton

Photo: Tilda Swinton at a Tokyo screening of 'Io Sono L'amore' on October 25

This is so great.

Yesterday, Patton Oswalt sent Albert Brooks—who really ought to have been nominated for his sinister turn in Drive—a hail of tweets about a hypothetical party that was going down without him. Things like “Dude, GET DOWN HERE. Gosling is doing keg stands” and “Fassbender just showed up in a pirate hat,” which uh, honestly, I can somehow picture this being a Fassbender thing.

Anyway, the very idea of an raucous Oscar-outcasts party is just beyond delightful. So Bennett Marcus at New York Mag/Vulture showed Patton Oswalt’s tweets to Tilda Swinton who, after hearing the first couple tweets read aloud, was TOTALLY READY to go find Patton Oswalt.

Marcus told her Oswalt was kidding. “Oh, he’s making jokes,” Swinton said. “What a shame. I think we should do it for real.” Then she said she really would sing a duet with Andy Serkis. Make it happen, Oswalt.

The rest of the exchange is Swinton’s utter peace at not being nominated.

Do you know why Tilda Swinton is lovable? Because she—just as graciously and respectfully as she can—does not care. Like, she has an Oscar already, and she seems totally pleased to have one, but she really could take it or leave it.

She spoke to Access Hollywood at the same event yesterday, simply telling them that she was not disappointed.

“I am a good gambler,” she continued, “so I knew we were not really going to be in there. I am amazed that our little film got as far as it did.” I don’t know why, but I was really moved by that one quote.