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Watch This: Maurice Sendak Doesn’t Like Newt Gingrich, or Anybody, Really

“But Newt Gingrich is an idiot. …There is something so hopelessly gross and vile about him that it’s hard to take him seriously. So let’s not take him seriously.”

Maurice Sendak, author of Where The Wild Things Are, responds to Stephen Colbert’s assertion that “children don’t have a work ethic.”

I love Maurice Sendak. As you’ll recall, he “can’t stand” Gwyneth Paltrow, called Salman Rushdie a “flaccid f—khead,” and is glad Roald Dahl is dead. But Sendak is so nice! So it’s all very funny! He is basically the best ever.

Lately he doesn’t like Newt Gingrich either. Honestly, if Gingrich is just an “idiot,” he is getting off pretty light.

Sendak also dislikes “adults,” which pretty well wraps up most of the rest of humankind. Sendak doesn’t know who Vin Diesel is, but if he had an inkling, Sendak might dislike Vin Diesel, too. I mean, it’s a pretty good bet.

This whole Colbert interview is great. Sendak thinks a Where The Wild Things Are book and movie sequel would be, not only boring, but “the most boring idea imaginable!”

Sendak does call Colbert a “man of little imagination,” but I shared Sendak’s astonishment when Colbert went on to hold up a literal bag of dicks. Watch the interview. It’s amazing.

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  • Ha! Love the Gingrich comment…
    I’ve always found MS endlessly fascinating.
    What is this book with the naked boy about though?! I’ma have to look that up on Google!

  • I always find it amusing when people are so shocked to find out that someone who authors books children love or who comes up with a character children love isn’t “NICE.” Children aren’t nice. They have to be taught to be nice. They aren’t sweet little cherubim. They are fascinated with poop and farts and the younger they are, the more they view other people as need-meeting machines. The touching stories you hear of children being selfless and kind are told because they are unusual. If they really were born as “little angels”, there would be no need to RAISE them.

  • There was a documentary on Maurice that aired right before The Wild Things movie came out in theatres. He is quite the character, completely entertaining, very charismatic and interesting (in my opinion) and quite sad. There is a portion where he explains his obsession with the Lindberg Baby.