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Here’s the Trailer for That Other Snow White Remake!

During the first few seconds of the Mirror, Mirror trailer, I thought “Ugh, cheesy.” Then I watched another minute or so, and I thought “Oh, cute!” and I think I really meant it. Julia Roberts, though I feel like I’m her only fan sometimes, is perfect for her role (even though I keep thinking of Tink in Hook), and Lily Collins is, well. Forgettable but sweet, I guess, but the production design and the general magicalness that permeates the set is kind of what’s got me hooked.

What do you guys think? Does it blow the ass out of the Snow White and the Huntsman trailer, or is it on a different plane altogether?

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  • I love that, in either trailer, the Evil Queen is totally the star of the show.

    As per your question, here is an awful thought that has just occurred to me. As lady-actors age, there are regrettably few parts that aren’t “main character’s mom” or “brittle single lady needs to loosen up,” and it’s kind of horrible that Hollywood had to remake Snow White—twice!—just to give Charlize and Julia something meaty to do.

    But yeah! I’ll probably go see both movies.

  • I kind of think this looks awful, haha. What is happening with Julia Robert’s fluctuating accent? I think they’re on different planes all together. This one looks like it’s aimed directly at families and children, while Huntsman seems to be much darker and targeted at teens/adults. They seem to be telling two very different stories that just happen to contain several of the same characters.

    • I’m with Sarah in that I don’t very often love Julia, but she is so good in this trailer! It’s like a live-action Shrek cartoon. I’m so down.

  • I think they’re completely different genres so it’s hard to compare the two even though they come from the same story. I’m a much bigger Julia fan but the fluctuating accent and all things considered, I think Charlize Theron will have to take the win on the Evil Queen. KStew is easily one of the most annoying and overrated actresses and I think Lily Collins is going to blow her Snow White out of the water. Love both Hemsworth and Hammer though, that’s a tough call. Overall, I think I’m going to enjoy this one more–entertainment value is higher probably.

  • i actually thought it was really good and pretty funny. lainey gossip has shat all over it but i wonder if she has missed something. it looks like a disney animation, julia roberts is HILARIOUS and the cheesy dialogue just might work.

    dunno that i’ll see it. maybe with the Niece?

  • This one has a Snow White that really is the most beautiful girl alive.

    I’ve fallen inlove with Lily as Snow White now.