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Um, Do You Guys Remember 2gether?

But really, do you? If not, 2gether was this really fabulous parody of a boy band that MTV came up with around 2000. They had their own film, two albums, and a television show that ended prematurely when one of the band members, Michael Cuccione, died of cancer at the age of 16.  They were probably about a zillion times better than the Backstreet Boys, and I used to choreograph really intense dance routines to their songs with this real bitchy girl, Brittney, who lived down the street and just came over to my house so she didn’t have to deal with her trashy parents and their 5 rottweilers. Are you caught up?

Good, because there’s a reunion concert afoot!

2gether member Alex Solowitz, or Mickey, the bad boy, has been giving messages like this out to fans:

Ok, here’s the plan I need everybody, all of you to tell everyone about this. we need this to go insanely viral so MTV can’t turn us down. You all have done an amazing job of blowing this up, let’s take it to the next level!!!!!

OMG, please, you guys.  Please, take it to the next level.  I ask for so little, but this? This could be 2011’s very first Christmas miracle.

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