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Watch This: Kim Kardashian on the RidicuList

Has Kim Kardashian ever made it onto Anderson Cooper‘s RidicuList before? Because it seems like she ought to be a repeat offender.

I get that Anderson Cooper is exhausted by the Kardashian family—I do—but every once in awhile, Cooper totally zings Wolf Blitzer, and I’m just like, Anderson! For real! You’re out of control!

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  • OMG Anderson! My favorite part is when Kris Jenner is outside the bank with her Bentley double parked on our souls

  • Correct me if i’m wrong…but didn’t those two like, just by a puppy??? i could SWEAR i saw some pic of them coming out of PetSmart or something carrying a little dog. where the hell is the damn dog??? i hate these celebrities that adopt animals then leave them behind!

    • No no don’t be so hard on yourself now…! Yes she actually had a puppy. Trash always gives way to a litter :LOL