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It’s A Brand New Trailer for We Need to Talk About Kevin!

I don’t know about you guys, but I am crazy excited for We Need to Talk About Kevin, and, just in time for all your crazy post-Halloween shenanigans (are other people having those? I went to the store last night around midnight to get discounted Halloween candy and we’re watching The Human Centipede later, so don’t you be afraid to stretch out that magical holiday as well), we bring you the latest trailer!

Real quick book talk: has anyone else read this novel? I’m in the process of doing so, and so far I’m really enjoying it. I mean, sure, I took a couple breaks to read a Goosebumps book or two (or three), but so far, it’s fantastic.

Do you guys have any similar books or movies that you’d like to suggest? Because in case the mention of Goosebumps didn’t make it obvious, I’m really down with some terrifying entertainment right now.

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  • I read the book after Sarah posted the first trailer. I love the book and don’t see how the movie can live up to it :/

  • I will have to look for the book. I can’t hardly wait until the movie opens . . . if you haven’t seen one of the versions already, the book version of Let the Right One In was great.

  • I saw the movie about a week ago and it was really intense (it was released in the UK already). I have not read the book yet but I’ve heard it is a good representation of the book. By the end, I wanted to shout at the screen.

  • I read the book a couple of years ago and it was really amazing. It wasn’t so much a horror story as it was a realization of a mother’s intuition and ultimately, love, for a child who was very mentally ill from a very young age.

    The trailer looks very good and I’m also excited!