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Giuliana Rancic Has Breast Cancer

Photo: E!'s Giuliana Rancic on October 13

OK. I’d just read that E! News host Giuliana Rancic is attempting in-vitro fertilization—for the third time, you guys!—and while I’m totally optimistic for Rancic and her husband, yawn. I mean, I love Joan Rivers on Fashion Police as much as the next girl does, but IVF treatment is not exactly what I call news. Zzz.

This is news, though: Giuliana Rancic has breast cancer. What’s more, those IVF treatments I’d just been yawning at probably saved Rancic’s life—the cancer was detected by Rancic’s fertility doctor, entirely the result of a precautionary mammogram.

Unfortunately, the Rancics have had to delay their attempts at starting a family. On the plus side, Giuliana’s doctor caught the cancer in its early stages. Rancic will briefly leave work at E! for treatment and recovery.

Rancic announced her illness (and excellent prognosis) on this morning’s episode of Today.

Godspeed, woman.

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  • Julianna is like a part of my family, Ive seen her so Ill take her iv boring, or good interviewing, or winging it w/joan on fashion! I just like her….God Bless and keep you J.

  • Hi, gulianna, I was diagnost with breast cancer early this year; I tested positive for the BRCA1 gene, I never though to be one of the victims of this horrible decease. I had a double mastectomy 9 chemotherapy sessions I lost my long beautiful hair and even though I cought my Cancer at early stage my treatment has been very aggressive I can say right now I am one of the lucky ones to survive!!!! Keep strong and positive. Good luck to you.

  • Fertility treatments have been known to cause cancer, so I don’t whether saying IVF saved her life is appropriate.
    They could have just adopted or used a surrogate.
    Wish all the best to her.

  • HI julianne I am so sad to hear about your health Iam a breast cancer surviver god bless you I know and pray you will be all right it is the most shocking news you will ever hear everthying you go through will seem small in compaired to this news in a way it will make you stronger and a more aware of your health and what realy matters in this wonderfull life just have faith and stay strong dont let this bring you down !

  • I hope all goes well for her! I think Her and Bill are the greatest! I hope they get everything that they want in life including chidren.

  • Giuliana and Bill,
    You will get through this, breast cancer is a fight to be sure, but it is not a death sentence like we use to hear it was. I have been through it twice. You tend to find a new place in your own skin and work to stay healthy. You can do it girl!!!

  • Dear Guilianna,
    I am praying for you to be healed!!! You bring such beauty& joy into my family’s life!!! I pray that you draw closer to GOD through all of this!!!

    Love, Lori

  • Dear guilliana and bill,i pray for you that all will go well you are a super person and the two of you are well suited
    god bless
    love wendy [south africa ]

  • My dear Giulianna, I was really taken aback by the news of your illness. I hope and pray you get well very soon. I’ll remember you in my daily prayers. You are a beautiful woman and you always will be.

  • Just finished talking to my 47 year old sister who has had colon cancer and beat it 3 times ….she was at the top of the rock in NYC and luvin life, ..Giulianna, let that beautiful spirit of yours carry u and all will be fine….Remember there are so many of us who are out there praying for u.

  • Dear Mr.Mrs Rancic,
    I want to wish you all the very Best in what you both are going through.I found i had Breast cancer in 2003.Still going strong.I want to send you both all the Angels God has to help you get thru this.Support one another go thru it together it will make you both stronger.The Baby will come when all else is ok.I believe that.I love watching you both on the tv.Your so in love.Good luck and God Bless you with everything he has in your time of need.

  • Julianne,
    I just lost my daughter to breast cancer 11/14/12. We prayed for your illness and for your baby.
    Last night on the red carpet you were speaking to a gentleman and he said he friend made the bracelet he had on. Is it possible to purchase one or give a donation?
    God Bless you and your family!

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