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Are You Listening to Lana Del Rey?

If you’re not, then you should really consider it. I know this because a few weeks ago, my boyfriend took me out and got me a cupcake and a teddy bear and then we went back home and he said that he wanted me to hear this song that he thought I’d really like, which turned out to be Lana’s “Video Games,” which you can listen to here. It was a really magical day, just as Lana Del Rey seems to be a really magical singer, and I think we should all just settle in to this, all right?

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  • This is all right, and props to the warm, mazzystaresque quality of her voice. But I really need her to stop making ducklips at me.

  • I like your conversational style. Plllbbbt to Anonymous. Unless they were talking about me. And then Plllbbbt to Anonymous.

  • The song is okay and so is the voice but she… is REALLY unlikeable… dude. It’s not only the lips… ugh.

  • am i the only one fully on board here?? shes fucking amazing so is this song and emily is still my fav

  • I have no idea if the song is any good or not, because I am unable to focus on anything but those horribly inflated collagen duck lips!

    How is she even able to enunciate her words with those things?

    quack … quack … quack ….

  • So um, my two cents. She looks and sounds BORED TO DEATH. Kinda nakes it difficult to enjoy her music when not only her voice but her FACE communicate this fact. Ugh ugh ugh. Not only that but the lyrics are pretentious, and the sound of the song is just… ugh.