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Who Watched SNL’s Season Premiere?

Photo: Steve Martin pops by to rain on Alec Baldwin's parade on SNL

I know, I know: nobody watches Saturday Night Live anymore. It was sooo-ooooo much better in the 2000s/1990s/1980s/1970s, back when so-and-so was on the show.

But—as if you could forget!—the SNL season premiere aired last night, and Alec Baldwin hosted for the 16th time. I will continue to never forgive Alec Baldwin for that time he was a huge jerk to me, but the guy is so, so talented anyway.

Steve Martin, who has hosted 15 times and has never been a jerk to me, made the obligatory gag cameo. I agree when New York Magazine wonders why he didn’t walk into the frame more than once, though. That would’ve been so cute! Like a running “Oh, no! Steve Martin is horning in on your glory” joke throughout the show.

Those hipsters at the A.V. Club have to hate on everything ever, and their recap snarked all over every great bit. If there weren’t a solid “B” score at the top of the screen, I would’ve assumed they hated the show completely. Here are two bright sketches that made the A.V. Club yawn:

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