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I Guess Scarlett Johansson’s Singing Again

If you’re anything like me, you thought “Ooh, pretty Scarlett Johansson!” But then also, unfortunately, thought “What the hell is this piss-poor excuse for shenanigans?”

From NME:

Hollywood actress and sometime singer Scarlett Johansson has recorded Serge Gainsbourg and Brigitte Bardot’s 1968 song ‘Bonnie And Clyde’ with Gainsbourg’s son Lulu for a new tribute album.

The album, ‘From Gainsbourg To Lulu’, will be released in November, and sees Lulu covering a host of his late father’s songs. The new version of ‘Bonnie and Clyde’ sees Johansson singing and speaking Bardot’s lines in English, while Lulu sings Serge’s lyrics in French. Kylie Minogue sampled ‘Bonnie And Clyde’ on her 2007 track ‘Sensitized’.

Here’s what the original sounded like:

But the video? Well. I’m afraid I just don’t get the video. All that Moet and those white bed sheets? It’s like a really, really bad commercial for a hotel chain that thinks they’re high-end, but are really budget underneath all of the fancy coverlets.

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