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Afternoon Delight

photo of hot johnny depp pictures photos

Does Julia Roberts look terrible in a bikini? [The Superficial]

Amber Rose is getting married and having babies and cooking and stuff. [Bossip]

Who’s going to be on Dancing With the Stars? [Starpulse]

Kevin Federline finally had that baby! [Rumor Fix]

Kobe Bryant church fight? [TMZ]

Kim Kardashian wedding details. [Socialite Life]

The crappy friends we thought were awesome at the time. [The Frisky]

Julianna Margulies looking amazing. [Caught on Set]

Video of Taylor Swift’s rump. [Amy Grindhouse]

Paul Rudd and a bunch of gorgeous women. And PAUL RUDD. [theBERRY]

The vagina gets its day in the sun. [Pajiba]

Alanis Morissette and her new family. [I’m Not Obsessed]

Exclusive photos of Johnny Depp‘s “boozy romp.” [Huff Po]

Robert Pattinson bought Kristen Stewart a forty-thousand-dollar what? [Cele|bitchy]

Celebrity children – PHOTOSHOPPED TO HELL. [Jezebel]

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