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Conan O’Brien Sings Radiohead

You guys, I have big, big news: it’s my birthday. Today I’m 29!

I know! Today, I’m A) ancient, B) a young’un, or C) shut up, Jenn, depending on my reader. Yay! Happy birthday to me!

To celebrate my birthday, here’s a slightly-older-but-no-less-amazing—hey! Just like me!—video of Conan O’Brien, singing Radiohead’s “Creep.”

Here’s my thing about Conan: I think he’s kind of a cocky jerk. (Please! Don’t shoot me!)

But he’s also shy about singing, which is totally charming. But! He also has a great singing voice! So I love that, throughout this video, he’s visibly itching to perform the ‘hard’ part of “Creep,” and he finally does it with zeal. And he has great natural vibrato and range, as much as he tries to undermine his own performance with goofiness. Ah! I love it! Conan O’Brien totally practices “Creep” in the shower.

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