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Love It or Leave It: Dianna Agron’s Pink Hair

photo of glee's dianna agron with pink hair pictures photos before and after nose pics

OK, so I absolutely hate the hair – it looks dirty and you can tell by the way it blows in the breeze that going this pink totally ruined most of her hair, but the dress? I am definitely kind of loving. Redeeming factor!

Also, since I’m being kind of picky on Dianna today, that new nose doesn’t really do her a whole lot of justice. Seriously, I saw a picture of her a few days ago and I had a hard time figuring out who she was (not that I had an easy time pre-nose job separating her from the other chick from Glee). I wasn’t proud of eventually being able to identify her, but hey. I guess that’s an occupational hazard, right?

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  • well…she’s got to do something right? but can someone please talk about the difference in colour between her legs and the rest of her? good lord.

  • I am jealous. I would love to play with my hair and dye it pink or blue, but alas, I would be fired or at the very least sent home from work without pay.