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American Idol‘s Country Darlings Both Released Music Videos This Week!

You guys remember Scotty McCreery, that little country kid who won American Idol, and Lauren Alaina, that cute little first runner-up, right? If you don’t, you will now, because they’re out in the real world and they mean business.

If you look above, you can see Scotty’s very first single, “I Love You This Big.” If you look below, you can see Lauren’s very first single, “Like My Mother Does.” And if you look just a little below that, you can see the comment button, where we can all start discussing how completely insane it was that these two were the finalists and that the immensely talented Casey Abrams is now a spokesman for inflammatory bowel disease.

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  • I am so, so glad that I have never seen American Idol. I currently live in the same neighborhood that Clay Aiken’s parents are from, and I’m from the same county as this Scotty McCreery guy, but WHAT is the appeal behind this show? I want to see finished products, not a sloppy talent-search. My understanding is that people are allowed to vote, rather than it being based upon actual merit — democracy is the system that elected Hitler, people. Also, it is the system that makes people who sing country music win money and recognition. Both of those facts should be disturbing . . . if not equally.

    I’m not a music snob by any means — going by iTunes playcounts, my favorite song since January 2010 is by a certain Disney star who is having all kinds of sex with her less talented but probably more famous underage boyfriend. And if you enjoy American Idol, then enjoy it. But, to quote Jamie Lee Curtis (about something other than digestion): “Make good choices!”

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