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photo of hot bristol palin after plastic surgery pictures photos

Katie Holmes is making some really frightening-looking faces lately. [The Superficial]

Michele Bachmann has the most controversial Newsweek photo EVER. [Bitten and Bound]

Celebrities react to riots. [Starpulse]

Nick Jonas is DEFINITELY the hot Jonas. [Socialite Life]

Nick Lachey is doing Sing-Off. [Caught on Set]

21 AMAZING Photoshop photos. [theBERRY]

And Jennifer Love Hewitt is picking dudes up via Twitter now. [The Blemish]

The ACTUAL meaning of the word “Hey.” [OMGBlog]

More people throwing Bristol Palin under the bus, yay! [The Frisky]

Taylor Lautner reveals his celebrity crush. [Cele|bitchy]

How the Pippa Middleton backside fascination began. [LA Times]

Arnold Schwarzenegger throws a REALLY LOW BLOW. [Bossip]

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  • I just don’t really get this Pippa Middleton thing. She is pretty enough, but, am I the only one who doesn’t think she is a big deal in the looks department. I find her average looking and I’d go as far as to say, a lot older looking than Kate. Her butt is also flat in most of the pictures I’ve seen. I’m not trying to be a “hater” about this chick, because, good for her for generating all this buzz. But like, no matter how many times you call a duck a swan, it doesn’t make it so.